FAQ 3: More Frequently Asked Questions About Oregon Property Tax Appeals

Oregon’s Property Tax Appeal Campaign will kick off in earnest soon.  Prime PTN will be demystify the property tax appeal process by listing the most frequently asked questions and their answers.  Call us directly with questions at: info@primeptn.com

Here our some previous informational posts: FAQ 1, FAQ 2

1. How large are refunds?

Good Question! During our careers our team members have worked on successful appeals that resulted in cash refunds/savings to the taxpayer ranging from under $1,000 to much, more than $1,000,000. Not all cases result in a refund.

2. What about personal property taxes? Do you appeal those too?

YES.  We pursue personal property tax appeals with the same vigor we use on real property tax appeals.  We recently had a victory on a personal property appeal where we lowered the taxable basis of some personal assets by over $1.6 Million.

3. What are your qualifications?

Since we have two types of skillsets in house, let’s answer that question twice:

LEGAL:  Our lead negotiator, Scott Phinney was an attorney and Chief Hearings Officer for the State of Oregon when the voters passed Measure 5.  He was one of a handfull of experts tasked with creating a new appeal system for Oregon.  Know the law? He helped write it.  He has used the last 20 years to expand his sphere of excellence to include Washington and California appeals in addition to Oregon.

VALUATION: Our lead valuator (Rick Bean) writes a real estate investment blog based on his experience in researching diverse real estate markets in multiple states. He has worked on acquisitions and dispositions for a REIT on multiple sub categotries of real estate ranging from $100,000 to $106,000,000.

4. Do you handle Oregon property tax appeal cases for every County?

YES.  We work appeals for all of Oregon…and we also prosecute appeals for Washington and California.

5. What if I have a portfolio with commercial properties in many states?
That’s not a problem for us.  We actively pursue personal and real property tax appeals in Oregon, Washington and California.  We also have relationships with other successful firms throughout the nation. We coordinate appeals and provide a single source solution.  We have multiple clients that have 50 or more commercial properties.

6. Does it really make a difference to use a local property tax appeal solution?

YES.  Your interests are best served by having a property tax reduction advocate that has relationships with the county apprasers and an understanding how each county operates differently.  You don’t want a vendor that shies away from Santa Barbara, CA appeals because he thinks their filing fee is $1,000.  It is…but only for assets larger than $30,000,000.  For most appeals their fee is an affordable $65.  Local knowledge let’s us know which 9 California counties close their appeals 45 days before the rest of the state.

Washington State’s filing deadline is June 30th…but if you read the fine print it’s actually the later of that date or 30 or 60 days after the mailing date of valuation change notices. Local knowledge allows us to know that in Washington, King and Clark counties usually mail their statements as late as the end of September and that they are “60 day” counties…meaning that some appeals may be valid if filed as late as November 22nd.

Local knowedge of the laws and appeal procedures is more important in Oregon than any other state in the union.  Understanding compression refunds and trigger points is vital to receiving the optimum refund.  It’s complex, which is why so few national property tax appeal firms have a presence in Oregon.  They are more attracted to lower hanging fruit elsewhere.