About Us

It’s important to minimize operational property expenses at all times…but in a downturn it’s critical.

Without us...you might be paying too much!Without us…you might be paying too much! Property Taxes are one of the largest operating expenses. So whether a property is run by an Asset Director or the owner its imperative that property tax liability be managed effectively. The problem is that even highly skilled managers do not have the training, background or time to complete the task with competence.

A word to Asset Owners: Good management companies are highly effective at maximizing Net Operating Income, reducing excessive maintenance costs, keeping concessions in line, and rents up. Management companies are often ineffective at managing property taxes. That requires expensive job specific skill sets that are not found in that industry.

Even accountants are not always up to speed on property tax issues.
The $156,000 tax overpayment cited on the front page happened when a very competent accountant reviewed the files. Regrettably, this was discovered after the payment was made…the overpayment will likely stand.

Prime Property Tax Negotiation takes a different approach
Our principal negotiator has past experience as an attorney and with appraisal analysis. Our other staff have backgrounds in real estate and property analysis. Consequently we look at things from different perspectives. A variety of backgrounds in our staff let us approach problems from different angles. We often see solutions others do not.

Our management staff doesn’t just represent investors, they are successful investors in their own right. Our team also has experience working with investors with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets and the special handling they expect and deserve.

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