Start Saving on Property Taxes Today

Tax-Pie-300x225We found a $156,000 overpayment of taxes on a property we recently reviewed…how much can we save you?

Let Prime Property Tax Negotiation be your advocate.  We’ll fight on your behalf to reduce your property taxes and charge you no up front fees.

Prime PTN will review your taxes for errors and appropriate values…without cost to you.

We charge fees on a contingency basis only.

How important is that $156,000 savings?

In addition to the obvious $156,000 that the owner would have been able to save, spend on improvements or other acquisitions…there are secondary impacts.  In a 7-Cap market that would have created an additional $2,228,000 of imputed value…more than enough to influence a sale, or whether or not a loan was renewed without additional capital.

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